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31 Jan 2013

Sap Suckers!

Dear Plant Doctor,
My once lovely herbs are now covered in white spots.  I have noticed some small bugs in the evenings.  I have attached a photo.
What is it and what can I do?  I would prefer not to use chemicals.
Herb Lover

Dear Herb Lover,
What you have is a sap sucker on you hands!  These insects suck all the goodness out of the leaves.  There are lots of products on the market and systemic sprays (which absorb into the plant) work best, however, as you are spraying on edible plants, a non-toxic, contact spray is best.  We recommend BugGuard.  As you need to spray insects directly, repeat applications may be required.  It is very simple to use, just follow the instructions on the container or ask one of our knowledgable staff for guidance.

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