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01 Jun 2012

Roses - Pests & Diseases

To control pest and disease attacks in Roses, it is best to identify them early and treat as soon as possible.  Some common ones to look out for are aphids, thrips, black spot, powdery mildew and rust. 


For aphids or thrips, use Confidor and for mites, use Buguard or Ecomeen.  This will give you residual protection for 8-14 days.


Rose scale is best tackled with a horticultural oil to smother the insects such as Pest Oil


For fungal diseases, remove any affected material and throw in the bin.  This includes leaves that have already fallen, as they will harbour spores that can re-infect your plants.  If you want to use a relatively safe method of control, spray every couple of weeks with a copper based spray during spring and autumn when most these diseases are prevalent.  For stronger control, use a rose black spot spray.


Always use sprays according to the manufacturers directions, and always war appropriate safety gear.

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