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13 Dec 2013

Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia'

The perfect tree for dappled shade.  The Robinia frisia is a lovely, vigorous, medium sized tree with golden-yellow foliage, creating a spectacular splash of colour in the garden. This tree grows in almost any situation although it does prefer a sunny position with moist well drained soil.  It grows to a height of around 9 meters with a width of 6 meters.  The colour of this tree really pops when set as a feature tree in front of a dark green hedge such as Cupressocyparis 'Leighton Green' or Ficus hillii.  This stunning tree also produced creamy-white pea-like flowers borne in racemes in early summer; although not in abundance, the flowers are still beautiful.  The Robinia is a deciduious tree which is great if you want to let winter sunlight in.

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  Our 33cm pots

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