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11 Jan 2013

Reduce water use by up to 50%

Protect your precious plants from the damaging effects of moisture loss this summer with SaturAid Granular Soil Wetter.  SaturAid makes water soak deep down to the root zone of garden beds, pots and lawns for stronger, deeper root systems and healthier plants and lawns.  We all know how precious water is and do not want to waste this resource if we can help it.  You will have no more dry spots, no more run-off and no more wasteful overwatering with the use of SaturAid.

SaturAid works immediately so watering, rainfall and fertilising are more effective, even in hard-to-wet sandy, clay or compacted soils and potting mixes.  SaturAid is an organic product, suitable for use with all plant types and has a sustained, slow-release wetting power for continued results.

It is so easy to use too.  Mix into new garden beds or soil to a depth of 10cm or simply sprinkle on to existing garden beds, pot plants or lawns.


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