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16 Dec 2013

Pyrus calleryana 'Chanticleer'

This is one tree that really does have it all!  The Chanticleer has a dense habit with an upright, conical shape.  The foliage is really attractive with lustrous dark green leaves that turn shades of gold, plum and burgundy in autumn.  Then, after losing it's leaves in winter (letting winter light into the home), another suprise happens in Spring; the Chanticleer produces masses of white flowers in clusters.  Such a beautiful display.

After many years (approximately 20), the Chanticleer will reach a height of 11 metres with a width of 6 so if you have the room, a specimen tree will look spectacular in your garden.  Alternatively, the Chanticleer is commonly planted as a hedge and is growing in popularity and becomming the tree of choice over it's relative, the Manchurian Pear.  The Chanticleer is an excellent choice for sites where some height is required without too much room for width.

This ornamental pear is best in full sun and has a really tough disposition and as such is quite often used in public areas.

Our 33cm pots are $89.99 with our 100ltr bags only $299.00.  Other sizes available too.

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