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19 Jan 2015

Outdoor Bean Bags

From a QUALITY perspective, these Aura contempory beanbags are hand-made using a high quality woven outdoor polyester fabric that is ultra durable and easily cleaned.  The beanbag shell is also supported by a PVC underlay that not only makes the beanbag waterproof it also ensures the beanbag holds a stylish shape.  The beanbags come with an interior liner that makes life a little easier when it comes to both filling and cleaning.

The COMFORT stems from the quality woven fabric and the different contemporary designs to suit each individual needs.  The fact you can fill the beanbags to your own preferred feel ensures that your beanbag suits the most important person being you.

The beanbags come in many different colours including Tangerine Orange, Lime Green, Iced Coffee, Charcoal Grey and Coral Turquoise. 

The Euphoria Beanbags - includes a carry strap handle & side pocket designed to hold magazines, hand held devices, sunglasses, sunscreen. Designed & styled for maximum comfort: $149.99

Take-A-Break Lounge - the ultimate long lounger to put your feet up, lay, rest & relax in style & comfort: $189.99

Come into the nursery and try them out for yourself; feel the quality and comfort.  Plus they are light and can therefore be moved around the back yard (even inside) with the greatest of ease.

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