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03 Sep 2015

Lawn Care in Spring

Spring is the time when your lawn needs you the most. If you spend a little time on your lawn now, you will be rewarded throughout the summer with a lush, green, full lawn. These are the three most important spring lawn maintenance jobs you need to attend to:
1.    After winter rains, the lawn soil can become compacted. You may need to aerate the soil to allow the lawn to "breathe" and encourage thick, strong growth.
2.    When your lawn starts growing in spring, so will lawn weeds. Tackle them early and minimise weed damage throughout the spring and summer.
3.    Periodic fertilising is imperative from early spring and throughout the growing season.  Remember, a healthy strong lawn leaves little room for weeds!
4.    Regular watering is important in spring. Growing lawns are thirsty lawns.

Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your lawn care.

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