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30 May 2013

How To Screen Out the Neighbours!

Ficus microcarpa 'Hillii'

The Ficus is an ideal screening hedge as it responds well to pruning and can be clipped into the perfect squared-up hedge screen.  This amazing and dense hedge can easily screen out the most imposing neighbours.  Ficus hillii develop a lovely smooth white bark which adds to its appeal as a pleached hedge.

When hedging, plant each tree 2-3m apart in a full sun to partial shade position.  If you plant this hedge in well drained moist soil which is high in organinc matter, you will be rewarded with a lush hedge throughout the year.

As with most large trees used for hedging, if the Ficus hillii is trimmed regularly the root system problem is greatly diminished.

Doesn't the lush green hedge in the photos look amazing.  Notice how the double story next door neighbour disappears in a day!  This hedge was planted by Gill's Landscapes at a residential property in Toorak, May 2013. 


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