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01 May 2017

Fragrant Autumn

Two of the most heavenly scented plants bless us with their sweet fragrance in the cooler months. Perhaps the most popular fragrance of all scented plants is the Daphne flower. Its delicate pink and white flower heads can be brought in to the home where their fragrance lasts for days. Whilst Daphne has a reputation as a difficult plant to grow, success can be achieved by following a few golden rules. A sheltered, well drained position is essential. Do not disturb the roots when planting and choose the position where it will stay for life - Daphnes do not like to to be moved. Do not over-water Daphnes, they do not like wet feet. If you are concerned about growing Daphne in the ground, they make an excellent pot plant.

Another beautifullly scented plant with a similar fragrance to the Daphne and Gardenia is Luculia. Luculia is an evergreen shrub with exquisite pink flowers. They have similar planting requirements to the Daphne but are well worth the trouble. They do like an extra boost from good organic matter and should be well mulched as they like a cool root zone and don't like dry soil.

Luculia grandiflora

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