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06 Jun 2018

Camellia japonica

Delicate beauties..

Heralding winter in the garden, the exquisite blooms of Camellia japonica in its myriad variations of colour and form - snow driven whites, blush pinks, brilliant reds and flower forms, simple to complex - all, a delight to behold in gardens with a designer touch and others belonging to those with a passion for horticulture.

Grown successfully in aspects which are sheltered, shady and protected from the summer sun - like their close relatives Camellia sasanqua,  perfect drainage is a necessity, for none  like to have 'wet feet'!  Organic matter and compost is a must when planting and a deep and  rich layer of mulch applied in late spring, will protect shallow roots systems from the heat of summer retaining moisture, retarding weed growth and improving soil profile as it breaks down.   Infrequent and deep watering  during dry spells is recommended .

This doyenne of the flower world responds to regular applications of a complete fertiliser - granular or liquid, monthly from  September until May - and a judicious trim in late spring!  An evergreen shrub,  it is dense and compact in habit, growing to about 3 meters and in the company of others, makes for a  lovely garden grove.   A superb candidate  for cultivation in pots, tubs and containers, the versatile and resplendent Camellia japonica is a must have for winter colour.

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