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01 Jun 2016

Camellia Sasanqua

Its a showstopper and now is the time to choose your camellias!

Sharing the spotlight amidst spectacular autumnal colour, the wonderful evergreen camellia sasanqua, which begins flowering during autumn and continues into winter, takes centre stage in the nursery.

Now is the best time to select from the many cultivars available and choosing them while in flower ensures you will not be disappointed nor surprised by unexpected flower forms and colour next year!

Planting during autumn, while the soil remains warm, is ideal - roots will quickly establish and anchor plants prior to spring, when they will benefit enormously from the addition of mulch -keeping shallow roots cool during summer, a must for these garden beauties - and, monthly applications of a complete fertiliser from late August until May.

Like azaleas - a wonderful companion plant - the camellia sasanqua thrives in aspects from full sun to moderate shade given acidic soil conditions and are wonderfully adaptable; perfectly suited to tub and pot planting, hedging, espalier, screen planting and topiary work. Cultivated to heights of less than 1 metre and growing uninhibited up to 4 metres, incorporate generous amounts of compost and organic material when planting and tip prune to maintain a more dense habit.  While hardy and reliable, coastal locations are not its favoured habitat!

The flower fall from established groves, hedgerows and specimen plantings of the superb camellia sasanqua transform garden beds into beautiful carpets of colour and make this plant a worthy and charming addition to gardens, terraces and balcony's both large or small. This plant group is deserving of being more widely planted.


Camellia Sasanqua "Paradise Blush"

Paradise Blush’ is one of the most sought after camellias, bred for Australian conditions. It is a beautiful medium evergreen shrub growing to approximately 4mts tall and 2 wide.

It has deep pink buds that open to small white semi-double flowers with the reverse side shaded pink. Sasanqua Camellias usually flower through-out the winter months but if the conditions are right, the ‘Paradise Blush’ can potentially flower any time.

‘Paradise Blush’ has a dense, upright, vigorous growth habit making it ideal for hedging and screening but is also brilliant as a feature plant and is great for large tubs.

Camellia Sasanqua "Edna Butler"

A very vigorous, strong upright grower.

Pretty, semi-double silvery soft pink large flowers with crinkly petals borne early to late season in an open, upright bush.




Camellia Sasanqua "Asakura"

Beautiful white semi-double to double, large flowers with the outer petals shaded a pale pink. Buds also have a slight pink tinge.





Camellia Sasanqua "Early Pearly"

A top performing Camellia that flowers from early autumn through to early winter. The blooms are double white, with just a hint of blush pink on the outer edges. Upright vigorous habit. Happiest in semi-shade. Evergreen. 

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