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13 May 2015

Camellia 'Sweet Jane'

She's Sweet and petite and we've fallen in love!

This darling Camellia is a particular favourite of Gill's Nursery.  We love it because it's so vigorous and hardy, growing to about 2m.  Sweet Jane is classed as a miniature Camellia; this is nothing to do with her growth habit, it refers to the flower size.  Sweet Jane smothers herself with the most divine little pink buds that unfurl into a soft pastel shade.  The blooms are anemone like, semi double with a slight little twist on the edge of the petals.  A prolific flowerer, Sweet Jane produces abundantly for an extraordinarily long period.

It's no surprise to learn that Sweet Jane is actually an Australian Camellia bred for our conditions.  So this is a Camellia that enjoys dry conditions, ranging soil types and full sun.  Like all Camellias, the Sweet Jane is shallow rooting so a good coverage of organic compost or soft mulch ensures moisture retention and heat protection for the root system.

The sasanqua type of camellias have well proved themselves to be very good garden performers and also tolerant of a wide range of conditions.  The white setsugekka has been extremely popular and is used extensively as dramatic and impressive hedges.  Camellia Sweet Jane will create this same style of designer fencing and you'll discover that the smaller flower and the amazing number of blooms actually creates more impact.

Sweet Jane perfroms well in pots and makes a beautiful espalier against a fence or wall.

As our preferred camellia we have ensured that we have plenty of Sweet Jane in stock for our customers.  We love Sweet Jane and once you've got to know her, we know that you'll fall in love with her too.

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