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07 Jun 2016

Boston Ivy

Blaze of glory!  The most bewitching sight in autumns colourful display may be in the eye of the beholder however, the spectacular and deciduous Boston Ivy - aka Parthenocissus tricuspidata - must surely rate a contender for the cover-up king of autumn colour..

Self attaching by aerial anchors and providing walls of cool green cover through spring and summer, it turns architectural elements - walls, trellis and garden structures - a kaleidoscope of russet hues from autumn until winter when it bares all, providing a stunning contrast of shape, shadow and structure.

Boston Ivy - and for that matter, other great ascenders - are reliable garden subjects, quick to establish and requiring of little attention.  They are however, unsuited to container culture for soil mediums in pots, tubs and planters are soon exhausted of nutrients and these wonderful climbing plants prove difficult to re-pot, once established.

Choose garden aspects - just perfect, in even the smallest of courtyards - which are predominately sunny and plant well.  Incorporate generous amounts of compost and/or soil conditioners to what is exisiting and mulch in late spring to protect the shallow root zone from the summer sun.  Water during dry spells and trim when you need to, any recalcitrant growth!

A slow release fertiliser applied each season  will ensure your Boston Ivy clothes all to which it clings, transforming architectural elements and garden structures into stunning features, adding yet another dimension to your garden space and to the landscape.



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