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03 Nov 2016

Aspidistra elatior

The Aspidistra elatior is also known as the Cast Iron Plant, and for good reason.  It is extremely hardy and impressive as an indoor plant with large robust leaves that stand to attention.  It's healthy dark green leaves complement any indoor pot, particularly the on trend pots from The Design Twins, The Balcony Garden and Arc & Family.  In the image provided, is the Aspidistra is sitting in our Pedra Stone Pot.

The Aspidistra does have small purple flowers that emerge near the soil surface and therefore hidden by its foliage.  Consequently the striking foliage is the plants feature, reaching a height of around 75cm.

Low light indoors is fine, although a brighter room is preferred.  Watering is only needed every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the climate inside your home (ask our staff if you have any queries).  Therefore great for those who don't have a lot of time for plant care.  Like all indoor plants a wipe down to remove any built up dust on the leaves will ensure plant health and longevity.

Let's not limit the Aspidistra to the indoors though.  Planted on mass it is a real architectural feature in a shady spot.  In oversized feature pots at the front door, down a side path or as a backdrop to a ground cover such as Ajuga 'Caitlins Giant', the options are aplenty!  

Just remember, no hot afternoon sun please.

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