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09 Sep 2015

Acmena smithii Sublime

This little Australian Native is an extremely hardy hedge plant.  One of its distinct benefits is that it will tolerate deep shade as well as full sun.  As such the Acmena is a great choice where uniform plants are required in varying conditions.  It is a lovely mid-sized tree with refreshing lime new growth and dense foliage to the ground.  Reaching a height of 5m and a width of around 2 - 3m it is great as a hedging or screening tree.  The Acmena is also handy for narrow driveways or pokey side boundaries as it can be maintained as an effective tall hedge even when there is not much depth to the planting area.

Masses of white fluffy flowers appear in summer that develop into deep mauve berries.  The berries are great attraction for birds to your garden.  However if you wanted to avoid the birds coming, prune back after flowering to avoid the berries forming.  For a tidy hedge, an annual prune at this time will suffice.  For a natural, conical shape, prune every 2 to 3 years, or not at all!

Acmena smithii Sublime is easy to please as it suits both well drained soil to heavy clay loams.  You don't even need to worry about psyllids (a sap sucking insect which attacks lilli pillies) as this Acmena is resistant to the insect.  Just be sure to keep this tree moist during dry weather.

An application of a slow release fertilser, such as Grow Better's Organic Fertiliser, in spring is a good idea, followed buy a layer of mulch.

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