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30 May 2015

10 Easy Tips For Growing Herbs & Vegies

1. Choose a sunny site with a minimum of 5 hours sunlight.

2. Prepare the soil adding compost, organic fertiliser a wetting agent.  Black Gold Compost and Cow Manure are excellent.

3. Mulch around the plants with lucerne mulch which will break down and add nitrogen to the soil. Nitrogen promotes healthy leaf growth.

4. If necessary, stake plants when planting to minimise root damage.

5. Apply a liquid fertiliser every 3 weeks to promote fast healthy growth.

6. Pick herbs as they are growing.  This helps to stimulate new growth and keeps them producing for longer.

7. Plant coriander and dill in the cooler months to prevent them going to seed.

8. No space?  Many vegies can be grown in pots, window boxes and even hanging baskets.

9. Mint is best planted by itself as it can take over.

10. Try to stagger your planting time to give a longer harvest and watch out for snails.  We stock a pet friendly snail bait.

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