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06 Jun 2018

Camellia japonica

Delicate beauties.. Heralding winter in the garden, the exquisite blooms of Camellia japonica in its myriad variations of colour and [..] READ MORE

05 Jun 2018

Winter Gardening

Winter is a great time to get into the garden and have a good clean up before the rush [..] READ MORE

19 Jun 2015

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidiums -  the King of Orchids available in store now! Cool tolerant and suitable for most temperate locations these are [..] READ MORE

12 Jun 2015

Cymbidium Orchids Care

Preferred location & lighting: In general, Cymbidiums like a spot with protection from hot sun, heavy winds & direct frosts [..] READ MORE

13 May 2015

Camellia 'Sweet Jane'

She's Sweet and petite and we've fallen in love! This darling Camellia is a particular favourite of Gill's Nursery.  We [..] READ MORE

01 Jun 2014

Winter in the edible garden

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is fun and rewarding and allows you and your family to access [..] READ MORE

05 Jun 2013

Oh Rhubarb!

What a wonderful under utilised plant.  Rhubarb is an easily grown perennial.  Tucked away or planted in impressive large [..] READ MORE

14 Jun 2012

Happy Cyclamen

Cyclamen are wonderful pot plants to brighten our homes during winter.  They keep producing elegant flowers month after month.  [..] READ MORE

04 Jun 2012

Roses - Pruning

Roses are surprisingly easy to prune, in fact it can be one of the most satisfying jobs of the [..] READ MORE

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