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02 Apr 2018

Autumn in the edible garden

Herbs and Vegetables Autumn is a great time to plant as the ground is still warm from the summer months [..] READ MORE

08 Sep 2017

Spring in the edible garden

Herbs and Vegetables Spring is the best season to get your herb and vegetable garden started.   The nursery has a great [..] READ MORE

12 Feb 2016

Summer in the edible garden

Herbs and Vegetables Summer is a season of fast growth in the herb and vegetable garden.   The nursery has a great [..] READ MORE

30 May 2015

10 Easy Tips For Growing Herbs & Vegies

1. Choose a sunny site with a minimum of 5 hours sunlight. 2. Prepare the soil adding compost, organic fertiliser [..] READ MORE

01 Jun 2014

Winter in the edible garden

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables is fun and rewarding and allows you and your family to access [..] READ MORE

28 Aug 2013

Rustic Recycled Wooden Fruit Boxes

Check out these super cool rustic fruit boxes - saves your back and your herbs and vegies will love [..] READ MORE

05 Jun 2013

Oh Rhubarb!

What a wonderful under utilised plant.  Rhubarb is an easily grown perennial.  Tucked away or planted in impressive large [..] READ MORE

31 Jan 2013

Sap Suckers!

Dear Plant Doctor,Help!My once lovely herbs are now covered in white spots.  I have noticed some small bugs in [..] READ MORE

11 Oct 2012

Tomato Time!

Not only are home grown tomatoes full of goodness and flavour, they give a higher yield for space occupied [..] READ MORE

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