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12 Feb 2016

Summer in the edible garden

Herbs and Vegetables Summer is a season of fast growth in the herb and vegetable garden.   The nursery has a great [..] READ MORE

04 Feb 2015

February Gardening Tips

The hot summer months can really affect your garden. Watering is a must do; mulching is also a great [..] READ MORE

06 Feb 2013

Mulch Time

It's never too late to mulch!  If you haven't mulched this Spring / Summer, your garden beds and pots [..] READ MORE

31 Jan 2013

Sap Suckers!

Dear Plant Doctor,Help!My once lovely herbs are now covered in white spots.  I have noticed some small bugs in [..] READ MORE

11 Jan 2013

Reduce water use by up to 50%

Protect your precious plants from the damaging effects of moisture loss this summer with SaturAid Granular Soil Wetter.  SaturAid [..] READ MORE

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